King of the Murray

The prize goes to the most consistent outright expert team collecting points from Four Murray River Races: Ted Hurley Classic, Southern 80, Robinvale 80, Mildura 100.

Proudly presented in conjunction with Mildura District Ski Club, Moama Water Sports Club and Ski Racing Victoria.


Same boat must be used in all 4 races and enter and start in all 4 races.

One crew member may be changed, due to injury or unavailability etc.

Crews must accumulate 65 points or greater.

Points allocated as follows:
  • First 20 points
  • Second 16 points
  • Third 12 points
  • Fourth 8 points
  • Fifth 4 points
  • Bonus 5 points for breaking the record of any race

Points Allocation so far:

  Ted Hurley Southern 80 Robinvale 80 Mildura 100 Total